About Us

NorthStar Academy is your education from home specialist!

With three choices to help support Christian Education, NorthStar Academy Canada is meeting the individual needs of its students. NorthStar Academy Canada offers an online program, a traditional home schooling program and a teacher-directed program .  Read what others have to say about NorthStar Academy!


Our Alberta, accredited education for grades 5 to 12 provides students with the highest quality online education possible. NorthStar Academy Canada has a history of excellence in Evangelical Christian Education and has developed our online school to be effective and easy to use while ensuring a dynamic and interesting learning environment for our students around the world.


Teacher Directed

God has given each child unique gifts and with NorthStar's Teacher-Directed Program, students learn with education that is tailored to their interests, abilities and needs by utilizing a combination of resources.

Traditional Home Schooling

NorthStar Academy encourages families who provide traditional home schooling. Our staff is here to support parents to customize their program and meet their children’s specific needs. If families want to talk or are looking for teaching resources, NorthStar’s staff, resources and services are available to help. Call us to talk with one of our Home Education Facilitator’s about your needs.

NorthStar Academy Program Chart

Use the following chart to identify the program that best suits your learning needs.

Question/Program Online Traditional Home School Teacher-Directed
Parent led and directed No Yes No
Teacher led and directed Yes No Yes
Parent chooses texts and other learning resources No Yes No1
Parent directs and/or instructs their child at home or other location(s) No2 Yes No
Parent and child have the support of a facilitator or teacher Yes Yes Yes
Student earns Alberta credits Yes, in grades
Yes (Program of Studies Route) Yes3
Student may earn an Alberta Diploma Yes Yes (Program of Studies Route) Yes
Funding available for Alberta families No Yes, up to $850.00 Resources Provided by NSA
  1.  With the Teacher-Directed program, the parent and teacher work together to pick resources that meet Alberta Education's outcomes. 

  2. In NorthStar Academy, we have online lessons that are developed and marked by teachers. The parent’s responsibility is to supervise the student.

  3.  In our Teacher-Directed program, students meet the outcomes set by Alberta Education and thus earn high school credits.