Traditional Home School

Traditional Home School Registration

NorthStar Academy supports families who provide traditional home schooling for their children. Our staff is here to work with parents to customize their program and meet their children’s specific needs. If families want to talk or are looking for teaching resources, NorthStar’s staff, resources, and services are available to help. Call us to talk with one of our Home Education Facilitator’s about your needs.


Benefits of registering with NorthStar Academy:

  • Caring facilitators who believe in home schooling
  • NSA will work with you to ensure students have the resources they need
  • Free monthly educational activity days
  • Three exciting choices to help support Christian home learning
  • Supportive and dynamic online community
  • Availability of online lessons and resources

Required Documentation to Register:

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Traditional Home School Notification Form
  • We must receive your home school application before the end of September to qualify for funding.