Important information from our Principal |

Important information from our Principal

NorthStar Programs for 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce that NorthStar Academy will continue to offer parent-directed Home 
Education, teacher-directed Online and Print Based programs, and the Shared Responsibility 
(Blended) program for the 2020-2021 school year.  There will be a few changes in a couple of areas 
that we would like to share with you.

Senior High online and print-based courses -  we can provide programming for  students who do 30 or 
more credits or for students who take five credits or less.

•     Distance education schools are now funded on a per student basis for  grade 10-12 students 
      rather than by the  number of courses they take.
•     Students taking 30 or more credits are fully funded.
•     Students taking less than 30 courses are partially funded.

Shared Responsibility (Blended) students from grade 1-9 will be able to  take one teacher-directed 
course.  For example, a student would be able to do Mathematics as online or print based (teacher­ 
directed) with the remainder  of their program being parent-directed  .  Reimbursement  to parents 
for qualifying home education expenses will be available and Northstar will provide the print-based 
resources for the teacher-directed course selected .
Home Education (parent-directed) program -we   anticipate no changes- a support teacher will be 
assigned to  assist parents in developing an education plan and to evaluate the student's progress. 
 $850 will be available for  reimbursement  of qualifying expenses.
Distance Education students in grades 1-9 (teacher-directed Online and Print-based) - 
students/parents may choose online courses, print-based courses where there is a choice of 
resources to select from, or a combination of both.  We anticipate no significant changes to  this 
popular program.
If you would like more information or assistance in enrolling your child please feel free to 
contact us.

•      1 866 335 9587

Randell P. Wood