Missionary Families

NorthStar Academy was created to assist you, as a parent on the mission field, in educating your children.  Regardless of the option you choose, we are here to support you as you seek to raise your children to follow God. 

We offer the following features to meet these needs:

  • Courses are designed to work on five-year-old computer equipment and software.
  • Students keep in touch with their home country and other “third culture kids” around the world.
  • Asynchronous (not real time) delivery of courses allows for flexibility in working around local holidays and disrupted schedules due to moving and traveling.
  • For students whose parents are ordinarily residents of Alberta, government funding significantly reduces the fees. 

We have caring, certified teachers who will guide you through the educational process.  They are here to answer your questions and to make sure that you and your children have the best educational experience.  Together we will enable your children to succeed in their education, empowering them to live the life God has set out for them.

We count it a privilege to be able to serve you and your family by offering you a way to educate your children while you are serving God in the mission field.